How to View and Export Chrome Passwords.

In this tutorial I 'll show you how to view, manage or export to a file, the saved passwords for every website you visit in Google Chrome. As you already know, the Chrome browser asks you to save your login credentials (username and password) at the first time when you visit a website.


By allowing Chrome to save your credentials, the next time you'll sign in to the website, the Chrome browser will auto fill the sign-in fields. But by doing that, many users (including me), forget their login credentials over time, so in this tutorial you 'll find out the way to view, manage or save to a file the Chrome saved passwords.

How to Manage, Show and Export the Saved Passwords in Google Chrome.

1. From the Chrome menu image select Settings.

How to View and Export Chrome Passwords.


2. At AutoFill options, click Passwords.

manage chrome passwords


How to View Chrome Passwords.

1. To view the Chrome stored password for a specific site, click the Show Passwordimage icon.

view chrome passwords


2. Type the Windows login password when asked and click OK to reveal the saved password for the site.


3. To remove the saved password for the site, click the three dots menu image next to the site name, and click Remove.

remove chrome passwords



How to Save All Chrome Passwords to a File.

1. To save on a Excel (.csv) file, all the saved login usernames and passwords for all the websites, click the three dots menu image next to 'Saved Passwords' and click Export.

export chrome passwords


2. At the next window click Export passwords.



3. Type your Windows login password when asked and click OK.



4. Save the "Chrome Passwords.csv" on your computer.

save chrome passwords


That's all! Did it work for you?
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