How to Hide or Show the Scroll Bars in Windows 10 Start Menu, Settings or Apps.

As you may have noticed, in Windows 10, when you start the Start menu, the Settings app or when working in a Store App, the scroll bar is invisible by default and only appears when you move the cursor to the right side of the open window. This behavior was a little annoying and thankfully Microsoft in the latest Windows 10 1803 feature update(April 2018) added the option to always display the scroll bar in all open windows (for example, in the Start menu in the Settings app, etc.).

Show Scroll Bar in Windows 10

This tutorial contains instructions on how to hide or show always the scrollbars in all open windows and applications, in Windows 10 v1803 (or later).

How to Show or Hide the Scroll Bar in Windows 10 Start Menu, Settings or Apps.

1. From the Start image menu choose Settings image.

2. Open Easy of Access settings.

display scroll bar windows 10


3. Click Display on the left and then "drag" the Automatically hide scroll bars in Windows switch to Off.

always show scroll bars windows 10


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