How to Remove Microsoft Account in Windows 10/8.1

As you may know, during Windows 10 or 8.1 installation, Windows asks you to create a computer account (user). At this stage, you can either setup a Microsoft Account or a Local Account. A Microsoft account, is any online account (e-mail address and password) that is registered with Microsoft and can be used to sign-in in Windows 10 or 8.1 OS and to install apps from the Windows Store. On the other hand a Local account, is any offline account that can be used only to Sign-in in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

The main advantage of using a Microsoft account, is that Windows Store and Store apps, can automatically sign into your Microsoft Account, and will not prompt for your credentials. Except of that, a Microsoft account is less secure instead of the local account, because you always share your e-mail address on the Internet and you send your personal information and activity to Microsoft servers in a regular basis.

In this tutorial you 'll learn how to remove the Microsoft account from your Windows 10 or 8.1 based computer and to use a local account instead.

How to remove Microsoft Account in Windows 10/8.1.

Step-1. Sign-in with Local Account & Disable Microsoft Account Sign-in.

– To disable the Windows 10/8.1 Microsoft account login and enable the Local account login:

1. Click From Start menu and click Settings.
2. Then choose Accounts.
3. Click Your email and accounts on the left pane.
4. Next click the Sign in with a local account instead link.

with a local account instead windows 10


5. Enter you Microsoft account password and click Next.
6. Then type the username, the password (and the password hint) for the new local account and click Next.
7. After restart, type you password to login with the new local account.

Step 2. Remove the Microsoft Account from Windows 10/8.1

The next step, is to completely remove the Microsoft Account from your system. *

* Note: Keep in mind, that after removing the Microsoft account you will be asked to enter your Microsoft account credentials, every time you want to download from Windows Store.

1. Click From Start menu and click Settings.
2. Choose Accounts.
3. Click Your email and accounts on the left pane.
4. Scroll down and remove the Microsoft account.

remove Microsoft Account windows 10 - 8.1


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