How to Forget or Delete a Wireless Network in Windows 10.

How to Forget or Delete a Wireless Network in Windows 10? When you connect for first time to a new Wireless Network, Windows stores all the information for that Wireless Network under a new Network profile. The profile contains important details about the Wireless connection, such the Network Name (SSID), the password and the encryption method. 

Forget or Delete a Wireless Network Windows 10

Over the time, the list of profiles is increased and may contains details for wireless networks that you don't need anymore, or may there is the need to remove a stored network profile, in order to re-connect to it by using a new password (Wireless Key).

How to Forget, Delete or Remove Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 10.

To remove a stored Wireless network in Windows 10:

1. Click the Wireless icon on Taskbar and then select Network settings.

remove wireless network profile windows 10


2. At Wi-Fi options, click Manage known networks.

delete wireless network profile windows 10


3. Select the Wi-Fi network profile that you want to remove and click Forget, to delete the selected network profile and the connections details for it.

forget wireless windows 10

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