How to Clean Cookies from a Single Website. (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

A few days ago, one of my clients was facing the following problem. He did not have access to a specific website through the Chrome browser, but, he had access to the same website via Internet Explorer and Firefox. In fact, when trying to access the specific website only, he received an error message from Chrome that says: "The website cannot be reached. Check your DNS and Proxy settings".

After checking the PC for malware, I thought the problem might be due to the stored cookies for that website. So I proceeded to delete all saved Chrome cookies that were related to this site and the problem was resolved.

In this tutorial you 'll find instructions on how to delete cookies for a single site, in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

How to clean Cookies from a Specific Website in Chrome.

1. From Chrome menu image  click Settings.
2. Scroll down and click Advanced.
3. At "Privacy and security" section click Content settings.

How to Clean Cookies for a Single Website

4. Click Cookies and then click See all cookies and site data
5. In Cookies panel, search for the site that your want to remove the cookies from, (e.g. "") and then click the Delete icon.

Clean Cookies from one site chrome



How to clean Cookies from One Site Only in Firefox.

1. From Firefox menu, click Options.

Clean Cookies from one site firefox



2. Select Privacy & Security on the left pane and then click remove individual cookies at the "History" section.

Clean Cookies from single site firefox


3. Search for, or select from list the site that you want to remove the cookies from and click Remove Selected.

Clean Cookies firefox



How to clean Cookies from One Site Only in Internet Explorer.

1. From Internet Explorer Tools menu click Internet Options.

clean cookies from one site site IE


2. At General tab, under "Browsing History" section, click Settings.

clean cookies from one site site Internet explorer

3. Then click View Files.

clean cookies from one website only


4. Set to View results in Details.
5. Click the "Internet Address" column label to sort the results and then locate an remove the cookies you want.

clean cookies from one website only



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