FIX: OneDrive For Business Error 0x80004005 (Solved)

This tutorial contains instructions to fix the OneDrive for Business error 0x80004005 when you try sync files: "We couldn't sync this library. We couldn't set up this library because od a server or list configuration problem. If this keeps happening, please contact your administrator. Once this issue has been resolved you can try setup again. Unspecified error. Errol code=0x80004005; Error source=Groove".

FIX OneDrive For Business Error 0x80004005

How to FIX Error 0x80004005 in OneDrive For Business.

1. Close any open Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, OneNote, etc.)

2. Open Command Prompt as Administrator and then give the following commands in order:

  • taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe
  • taskkill /f /im msosync.exe
  • taskkill /f /im groove.exe

3. Backup (copy) all your files from the "C:\User\%Username%\OneDrive For Business" folder to another location (folder) on your PC.

4. Then delete all the files from the 'OneDrive For Business' folder.

5. Enable the hidden files view.

6. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following location:

  • C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\SPW

6a. Select and delete all the files inside the SPW folder.

7. Then navigate to the below location, according the installed Office version:

Office 2013:

  • C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache

Office 2016, 2019:

  • C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache


7a. Select and delete all the files inside the OfficeFileCache folder.

8. Restart your computer.

9. Start OneDrive for Business and try to sync your files. *

* Notes:
1. If some files are missing after sync, then copy the files from the backup location to the 'OneDrive For Business' folder.
2. If you still receive errors, then perform the following actions:

1. Go to Control Panel > Programs & Features and Uninstall the OneDrive for Business application.
2. Rename the "C:\User\%Username%\OneDrive For Business" folder to OneDrive For Business.OLD"
3. Then proceed to download and reinstall OneDrive for Business from here.

That’s all folks! Did it work for you?

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