How to Control Mouse with Keyboard in Windows 10/8/7.

This tutorial contains instructions on how to control mouse by using the keyboard, by using the 'Mouse Keys" feature in Windows. The article, may useful to people that cannot operate the mouse or in cases where the mouse stops working (or not exist) and you want to use your keyboard as a mouse.  to  work with your computer in order to finish an urgent work.

The Mouse Keys feature is built into Windows 10, 7, or 7 operating systems and allows you to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer on the screen and make all the usual actions of a mouse (click, double-click, right-click).

How to Use your Keyboard as a Mouse.

Method 1. Enable Mouse Keys by using Keyboard Shortcut. *

The first method to move the mouse cursor [without a mouse Open-mouthed smile], is to turn on the Mouse Keys, by using the following way:

1. Press left ALT + left SHIFT + Num Lock

How to Control Mouse with Keyboard


2. When the Mouse Keys window appears on the screen, press ENTER to turn on MouseKeys.

turn on mouse keys

3. After enabling the Mouse Keys, you can use your keyboard (numeric keypad) to perform all mouse actions (move, click, right-click, double click) as show in the figure below. *

* Note: If you want to increase or to decrease the pointer speed, read the instructions in the next method.

Mouse functions from the Numeric Keypad

mouse functions numeric keypas



Method 2. Enable Mouse Keys from Ease of Access Center.

To second method in order to be able to control the mouse pointer with your keyboard, is to turn on and configure the 'Mouse Keys' feature from the Ease Access center. To do that:

1. Navigate to Windows Control Panel, set the 'View By' to Small icons and then open the Ease of Access Center.

use keyboard as mouse


2. Click Make the mouse easier to use.

enable mouse keys - ease of access


3. Then click Set up Mouse keys.

Configure Pointer Speed


4. Now, check the Turn on Mouse Keys box and click Apply.
5. Now try to move the mouse cursor by using the numeric keypad and configure the Pointer speed as you wish. (Click 'Apply' at every change and 'OK' to close the 'Mouse Keys" options.)



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