Fix: Acrobat Reader prompts to Save As when Print (Problem Solved)

On a customer’s computer, Adobe Reader wouldn’t print anything when the user chooses the Print command & instead it returned a “Save As: dialog box to save the document to a printer (PRN) file. This strange "adobe reader save as when printing" problem happened only when the user was trying to print from Adobe Reader. In all other applications the printing function is working normal.

How to solve Adobe Acrobat Reader “Save As” problem when “Print”.

To fix the "Adobe Reader Save As when printing" problem, make sure that the “Print to file” option in Print dialog Advanced settings is unchecked. To do that follow the detailed instructions below:

1. Open any Adobe PDF document from your computer.

2. From Adobe Reader main menu, go to File > Print.

fix-adobe reader save as when printing

3. At Print dialog properties, choose “Advanced”.


4. Uncheck the “Print to file” option & choose OK.

adobe print to file

5. You ‘re done!

That’s all folks! Did it work for you?
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