How To Turn On CAPS LOCK on ChromeBook.

One on the first lessons you receive when you 're using a Google Chromebook for the first time, is that the CAPS LOCK key, is not at the place where it should be. In fact, in a Google Chromebook, the CAPS LOCKS key, doesn't even have a dedicated key. So how to enable CAPS LOCK in Chromebook? The answer is easy…

To Turn On CAPS LOCK in a Google Chromebook:

  • Press the ALT + Search image keys to enable the CAPS LOCK.

How To Turn On CAPS LOCK on ChromeBook


* Note: After enabling CAPS LOCK, if you click at your profile photo, you 'll see the indication: CAPS LOCK is On (ENABLED)

  • To TURN OFF CAPS LOCK, just the same keys again: ALT + Search

TIP: If you want to make your life easier, you can assign your own CAPS LOCK key,  by going to: Settings > Keyboard Settings > Caps Lock. Then, choose your desired Caps Lock key from the drop down menu.

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