How to Find your Google Contacts in New GMAIL.

Recently GMAIL changed its appearance and many people wondering where the Contacts shortcut have gone, in order to view and manage their Google Contacts. In this tutorial you 'll learn where to find Contacts in new Gmail & how to Import, Export or Print Google contacts.

How to Manage your Google Contacts.

To view and manage your Google Contacts login with your account to Gmail

1. Click at Google Apps menu at the top right.

2. Click the Contacts app. *

* Note: If you don't see the Contacts app then click More at the bottom of this window or to navigate to:

How to Find Contacts in New GMAIL.



To Import, Export or Print Contacts in New Gmail:

1. Open the Contacts app as descripted above.

2. At the left pane, click More to view the Import, Export & Print options.

import export print google contacts


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