Fix: Silverlight doesn't work apart is already installed.

If you have already installed Microsoft Silverlight on your computer, but when you 're trying to access a website that needs it, Internet Explorer prompts you to install –again- the Silverlight in order to display the website contents and apparently you do that, when you try to access –or refresh – the page, then again Internet Explorer prompt to install it again, then follow the steps in this guide to easily fix the Silverlight problem in Internet Explorer.


How to solve Silverlight missing problem in Internet Explorer.

Enable Microsoft Silverlight on Internet Explorer.

  • From Internet Explorer’s main menu, click: the “gear” icon image_thumb3_thumb_thumb at the top right corner and choose “Manage Add-ons”.
  • At the left pane, at the "Show:" options, using the drop-down menu choose to show "All add-ons" instead of "Currently loaded add-ons".


  • Now, select the "Microsoft Silverlight" add-on on the right pane and press Enable.


  • Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart IE.
  • Now you should be able to view Silverlight webpages without problems.


Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Try to completely uninstall Silverlight from your computer (Control Panel > Programs and Features). Additionally you can use the Microsoft Fix-it tool to completely uninstall Silverlight. (Source:
2. Verify the Silverlight installation by visiting the Microsoft's Silverlight demo site. If Silverlight works there but doesn't work on other pages that they need it, then you have to contact the website's author.
3. Reset Internet Explorer Settings to default. To do that:

  • From Internet Explorer's main menu, click: the “gear” icon image_thumb3_thumb_thumb at the top right corner and choose “Internet Options”.
  • Go to “Advanced Tab”.
    • Click the “Reset” button.
    • Check to enable the “Delete Personal Settings”.
    • Press “Reset
  • Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart your browser.

4. Use a different browser.

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