FIX: Excel Sheet tabs are Missing at the bottom of a Workbook. (Solved)

A few days ago, one of my clients mentioned to me that sheet tabs are missing in one of the Excel workbooks. After solving the "Excel tabs missing" problem on his computer, I decided to write a tutorial with the detailed steps I followed to restore the missing sheet tabs from the Excel file.

FIX: Excel Sheets are Missing at the bottom of a Workbook

This article provides detailed instructions to resolve the "missing sheets" issue on a Excel Workbook.

How to Fix: Excel Worksheet Tabs not Visible.

If you can't see the tabs in an Excel Workbook, try the following:

Method 1. Arrange all windows of the active workbook.

1. Go to the View tab and click Arrange All.

Fix missing excel tabs



2. Select Tiled and Windows of active workbook and click OK.



3. If you see the missing tabs, click Save to save the current view, otherwise continue below.


Method 2. Reveal Hidden Excel Worksheets.

1. To reveal the hidden Excel Worksheets, place your mouse on the 3 dots image at the bottom bar until you see the double-headed arrow image.

reveal hidden sheets excel


2. Click on the double-headed arrow image and drag your mouse to the right until you see all the tabs of your Excel workbook.



3. If the hidden tabs are visible again, click Save to save this view, other otherwise continue below.


Method 3. Activate the 'Show sheet tabs' option.

If the Excel sheets are not visible after applying the above, check the "Show sheet tabs" setting in Excel options. To do that:

1. Go to File menu and select Options.

2. Select the Advanced tab on the left and at the right, under the Display options for this workbook, check the Show sheet tabs box and click OK.

show sheet tabs excel

3. Click Save to save this view.

That's all folks! Did it work for you?
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