Outlook not downloading all GMAIL emails using POP3 (Solved)

Recently, I have configured the same GMAIL account in Outlook 2016 in five (5) different PC's, in a company environment. To avoid loosing emails, I have configured the GMAIL account as a POP3, with the options to "leave a copy of message on server" and to not delete emails after downloaded (on all PC's). Despite of these settings, we realized that Outlook is not downloading all emails from the Gmail account to all computers and as a result of that problem, every computer, has a different number of emails and some mails are missing. On the other hand, when sign-in into the Gmail account through a web browser, all the emails are there, but they don't delivered to all Outlook clients.

The above strange behavior, appears, because when an device, checks and downloads the emails from a Gmail account, the Gmail servers thinks that all emails are already downloaded and hides them from any other device that checks later, the same Gmail account for emails. To bypass this problem, you must enable the RECENT mode, in each email client program (or device) that check for emails at the same Gmail account. By doing that, you force Gmail servers, to deliver every time, all the new email messages, to all the email clients (computers or mobile devices), even if they have already delivered on some of the devices.

In this tutorial I 'll show to you how to resolve the following problem: Outlook, or other email client program or mobile device, not downloading all emails from Gmail account (Gmail Messages are missing).

How to FIX: Gmail messages are missing using POP3 Account.

Step 1: Enable the Recent Mode at Email Account settings.

To properly configure your POP3 Gmail account to work in several devices, specify the following Gmail client settings to every email client program (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) or mobile device:

  • At Incoming Mail (POP) Server field, type: pop.gmail.com
    Encryption: SSL
    Port: 995
  • At Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server field, type: smtp.gmail.com
    Requires Authentication: Yes (Use same settings as my incoming mail server).
    Encryption: SSL -> Port: 465 OR TLS/STARTTLS –> Port: 587
  • At your Account Name filed, add recent: before your Gmail Address. (Only if you want to have the same Gmail account in more than one devices) . *
  • At Password field, type your password for your Gmail account.

* e.g. If your Gmail Address is "john197@gmail.com", then type: "recent:john197@gmail.com"

  • Additionally: Make sure to "Leave the messages on server" and to never "Remove from server after…" (More settings –> Advanced options).

enable recent mode gmail


After applying the above settings to all Gmail connected devices, check for new emails (in all devices). If you still have problems then continue to the rest steps:

Step 2. Check POP Forwarding settings.

1. Navigate to Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings from a desktop computer.
2. Check that POP is Enabled and select Keep Gmail's copy in the inbox.
3. Click Save changes.

enable pop gmail


Step 3. Turn On the Access for less secure apps.

turn off Access for less secure apps gmail


Step 4. Turn Off the 2 Step verification.

turn off 2 step verification gmail




Step 5. Unlock Google Account Captcha.

unlock google captcha



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