Windows Vista SP1 Official Download Links

This article contains the Windows Vista (with SP1) download links for all users that currently have Windows Vista with a Genuine Activation key on their disposal. All the download links are legal and point to Digital River network servers which is Microsoft’s Official delivery partner. 


1. From time to time the download servers are down, so if the links don’t work at the time you try to download the ISO file you want, then you can try to download a different Windows version or a different Windows language.

2. To prevent corrupted downloads, you can use the “Free Download Manager” application (or any other “Download Manager” program)  to download the ISO files.

3. You must download all three (3) files for each version.(*.EXE, boot.vim & install.vim)

4. If you want to create your Windows Vista SP1 ISO bootable image in order to make a bootable Windows Vista installation DVD, then read the Part 2 of this post.

5. The download links point to Windows Vista Ultimate version. In order to install a different version, you can use the “Ei.cfg” removal (unlock) utility to unlock the ISO disk image in order to create a universal installation DVD (contains all Windows Vista versions). (Part 3 of this post)


Windows Vista SP1 Direct Download Links


English Version


Other Languages

Dutch Version

French Version

German Version

Spanish Version


Part 2. How to create a bootable Windows Vistas ISO image.

Step 1. Extract the downloaded EXE file.

1. Put all three (3) downloaded files under a new empty folder (named e.g. “VistaUltimateX86”)

2. Double-click to run the EXE file (e.g. X14-63452.exe)

3. Wait until all files are extracted under a new folder named “Vista”.

4. Close the “Install Windows” window.



Step 2. Create a bootable ISO image.

1. Download “ImgBurn” installer from here.

2. Install “ImgBurn” on your computer.

3. Run “ImgBurn” and click at “Create Image file from files / folders” option.


4. Click the “Explorer” icon and then select the “Vista” folder.

5. Now navigate to “Advanced” and select the “Bootable Disc” tab.


6. At “Bootable Disc” tab, make the following settings:

1. Select the “Make Image Bootable” checkbox

2. For “Emulation Type” choose: None

3. For “Boot Image” browse and select the “” under “Vista\boot” folder.

4. At “Developer ID” box, type: Microsoft Corporation

5. At “Load Segment” box type: 07C0

6. At “Sectors To Load” box type: 4

7. Set the “Extract Boot Image” setting to: Local Disk (C:\)


7. Now specify the “Destination” folder (e.g. your Desktop) and the filename for the created ISO file (e.g. “VistaSP1.iso”)


8. Finally press the “Build” button,*

Note: If ImgBurn asks you for the “File System” type and the “Volume Name”, you can simply ask “yes” to both suggested options.




Step 3. Create a bootable Windows Vista installation DVD from the ISO image.

1. Run “ImgBurn” and click at “Write image file to disk” icon.


3. Select the Vista bootable ISO file you created in the previous step (VistaSP1.iso).


4. Place an empty DVD disk on your CD/DVD writer device and press the “Write” icon.



Part 3. How to use the “Ei.cfg” removal utility to unlock the ISO image you download.

1. Download “” file on your computer.

2. Extract the “” file.

3. Inside “eicfg_removal_utility” folder, double-click to run the “eicfg_remover” application.

4. Select the ISO file you created and then press “OK”.

Now you can burn this image into an empty DVD disk in order to install the appropriate version of Windows you own.

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